Is it actually possible to find developers who will not kill your design?! ūüôĄ

Web Development Argh Moment

Are you a creative who WOWs clients with great designs but have AAARGHs when working with web developers?

We’re a web development company helping digital creatives to succeed. Scroll down to find out how we can help you create more WOWs with your work.

AAARGH… they only deliver code!?!

No, we don’t just deliver clean code, we also thrive on providing a smooth experience throughout the web development process for designers. You can count on us to be your web development partner from the get-go of any web design project. Check out how we’d support you below.


Getting started

Someone loves your design and wants to work with you? #yourock Now the client wants a quote including everything, from design to code. No worries, we’ve got your back and can send you a quote within 24 hours for free.


Planning and design

So you got the project? #rainmaker You’re probably kicking off a research and brainstorming process. Give us a call when you’re ready. We‚Äôll share input from a web development perspetive before you submit the final design. Trust us, this will make the project #WOW.


Coding and development

Ever been staring at the clock because the deadline is in a few minutes? We’re experienced and code with lightning speed. It’s our core competency and we‚Äôll use our coding power to deliver to you design responsive and pixel perfect websites. It’s what makes us different.


Handing over and beyond

Do you find testing annoying and time consuming? Well..we love it. We want to save your time and ours, so we only deliver well-tested products. Our offers include device, as well as, browser testing and a free 30-day support after hand over. #happyclienthappylife


Keeping it fresh

Ever got a call from an old client and had to solve an issue for free? Not anymore. We provide you with a white label maintenance package that you can sell to your client.

We deliver premium websites…
and like to call them: WOW-Sites

Websites range from simple to complex, but in our opinion they all share one thing in common: websites are the most important digital impression of each company or person and often mission critical to success. So we agree with you, there’s no time for mediocrity! We deliver top notch code, working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, as well as, creating cool animations or #baller parallax effects. Not enough? You need a CMS integration? All good! We’re super fast with WordPress creating our own themes or adapting the one you work with.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Laravel
  • Craft
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Github

We work with the best

We primarily work with outstanding creative agencies or designers who delight their customers with award-winning projects. It is important for us to create long-lasting partnerships and have regular face-to-face meetings to talk about our projects and how to create WOW moments for your customers.

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Who is behind Wowholic?

Wowholic is founded by Tobias Henning and an accomplished team of top developers. All of us love websites and we want to make the internet a better place by helping designers to deliver beautiful websites to their clients. Learn more about us.

  • How would we describe ourselves?
  • We are an open and approachable group of cool, funny and experienced digital natives based in Munich.
  • What are we committed to?
  • We want to help designers to deliver great digital products that create real value for their clients and end users.
  • What can people count on us for?
  • Being honest and reliable. We are commited to long term relationships.

Ready to turn AAARGH into WOW with us?

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